Energy Bits – Little Green Balls of Awesome

ImageOnce every so often I get product to review here. Today I got to try something that could be the future of sports nutrition.

I’ve been paying better attention to what I put into my body. Focusing on food, not “food based products”. And it’s been paying off. But when it comes to fueling my body for rides I had been opting for the convenience of so called Sports Nutrition while keeping a blind eye to the list of ingredients.

Let’s face it, do we really know what’s in those bars, gels and sport drinks? If we did, would we continue to use them?

Recently I came across something that intrigued me during a conversation on Twitter. A product called Energy Bits joined in a Twit Chat I was engaged in and offered me a sample. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I did some research and Energy Bits brings something new to the table. They are not a sports supliment, they are not “sports nutrition”. Energy Bits are food. Perhaps, a superfood.

Energy Bits are small green tablets or “bits” made from Spirulina a freshwater algae dubbed by the United Nations and World Bank as the “healthiest food in the world”.

Elite atheletes have been extoling the virtues of Spirulina lately and the nutritional fact check is pretty impressive.

Having been out on a hard effort on the bike the previous evening and coming home from a long day at my Glamorous Day Job I was ready to pass on a ride or give myself the excuse of heading out on a “recovery ride”.

Instead I thought this would be a great opportunity to see if Energy Bits could breathe some life into a lethagic old dude. So I popped about 30 bits into my mouth and washed them down with water. (The best way to take them, the company says they are “an acquired taste”, marketing speak for “nasty”.)

Bits in I hopped on my bike and headed out into a stiff headwind.

After an initial warm up I started dropping the hammer and giving some big efforts. For a guy that didn’t want to ride, I was flying! Best of all, I didn’t have the “gut rot” I typically experience with gels or some bars. I felt better than I had expected and percieved a boost in performance.

These little, odd tasting things semed to work quite well.

With an ever increasing interest on understanding what goes into our bodies, Energy Bits may have a solid future in powering athletes bodies.

You can check them out and order product at and follow them on Twitter at @ENERGYbits and #poweredbybits .


One thought on “Energy Bits – Little Green Balls of Awesome

  1. Great review! They are pretty awesome. I’d love to offer your readers a 30% discount if they decide to give Bits a try! Code LONGHORNS at checkout. They aren’t cheap- so every little “bit” helps, right? Happy biking, Baldbiker!

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