The BaldBiker’s Product Review: Muc-Off Bike Cleaner

Sometimes you get the urge to simply spend some money on your bike and this week I had one of those urges.

Sometimes the mistress deserves a little special treatment.

Springtime on the east coast of Canada is pretty hard on bicycles. The road hasn’t been cleared of a winters’ worth of grime and road salt and old nasty roadside snow banks leech a particularly nasty fluid on the road. Eventually that mess finds its’ way to your bike.

I’ve always been a bucket of car wash kind of guy when it comes to cleaning my bike but this week my trip to the local bike shop this week was then to pamper my road bike with a little spa treatment. Some proper bicycle specific clean and shine product. I’m familiar with the larger players in this market segment but the shop owner pointed me to something new. He indicated that he had just taken on a new line and suggested I give it a try.

He handed me the Muc-Off (like the name) Wash & Lube kit. Pricing in at around $35 Cdn the kit looks to be a good bargain. It includes a 500ml spray bottle of biodegradable bike cleaner, a 50ml tube of wet lube, a large microcell sponge, a detailing brush (quite handy) and the bag it comes in is durable enough to serve duty as a storage bag.Image

Having always washed my bike with car wash soap I was curious to see if a bike specific product would make any difference so in preparation for lots of weekend riding I put my bike on the back deck and started away.Image

Application is simple, wet the bike, spray on the product and wait 3 to 5 minutes for it to start working. Dirtier areas such as the drive side chainstay may require some extra coaxing with the detailing brush but I was impressed at how the road grime, dirt and sweat effortlessly seemed to fall off the bike.

A quick rinse revealed the product actually worked better than any car soap I’d used and brought a nice shine back to my ride.Image

Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s a time saver and does a fantastic job of cleaning the bike of the grime, sweat and other nasties that can cling to your frame.Image

Please note: the BaldBiker is always open to product for review. Take note Castelli, Cervelo etc.


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