Ion Designs: Keeping You Safe in the Dark


Claire Driscoll wants to make sure your first impression is a bright reflection.

Driscoll owns and operates Ion Designs, a small business focused on making sure runners, cyclists and pedestrians are safe in low light conditions. After realizing that if she wanted better visibility while running in the evening she would have to purchase all new running gear, not exactly the most financially attractive proposition.

“I run and cycle and when I was looking for reflective materials I wasn’t finding any.” Driscoll explains over a coffee. “I already had lots of gear and I surely wasn’t going to go out and buy all new gear so I started looking for what’s available and quickly found that there’s nobody doing this in Canada, there’s a few in the States but they don’t seem to be too big or too active. This has a lot of potential!”

What makes Ion Designs unique is that her reflective products can be applied at home with an everyday iron and not a professional grade heat press. She poured over sample after sample until she found a supplier that had a product that worked easily for both her die-cutting process and the end user at home.

Doing anything on the road in the evening exponentially increases the risk of a collision with a vehicle. Statistics indicate that the number of pedestrians killed between 6pm and 9pm is higher than any other 3 hour time frame and that nearly 65% of all pedestrian fatalities occur between 6pm and 6am.

Claire Driscoll believes that visibility is the key to reducing your risk of being struck by a vehicle and her products make it easy for you to safeguard yourself and your children from potential risk.

Presently her website features about 50 designs that appeal to runners, cyclists, triathletes and pretty much anyone who would want to be safe outdoors.

While she started marketing to fellow runners her product has also proven to be a popular fundraiser for schools and community groups. Because her process is relatively streamlined she can create school and team logos etc. that can be transferred to gym bags, backpacks and jackets.

Driscoll tells me that she hears a lot of praise for her products and only hears one concern which she can easily overcome. “Some people worry if it may affect their garment, they shell out a lot for that LuLu Lemon hoodie and they wouldn’t want to harm it. It`s quite simple actually, if you follow the garment instructions on the tag of your garment you’ll be fine.

You can find Ion Designs in fitness shops across Atlantic Canada and of course on line at Driscoll is also excited that soon she’ll see her first ad in Runners World magazine and hopes that this year is the year her business really takes off.


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