The Bald Biker’s Book Club: Team 7-Eleven

When I first took a serious interest in cycling it was still a mysterious sport immersed in strange European customs and nuance.

Things started to change in the early 80’s when a few North American pros started to make inroads into the European peleton. Jock Boyer was the first American to ride the Tour de France and Greg Lemond had signed with Cyril Guimard’s powerhouse Renault team alongside mentor and soon to be nemesis Bernard Hinault. 

In 1984 Team 7-eleven started to change things. first by dominating the North American cycling scene and eventually taking their show on the road to infiltrate the world of European pro cycling.

Recently the wonderful folks at VeloPress provided me with a review copy of “Team 7-Eleven” a book that chronicles the team’s journey from wining North American criteriums to wearing the yellow jersey at the Tour and winning the Giro d’Italia.

I also provide content for some really cool cycling blogs and this week one of the best ( published my book review for them and I thought I’d share it with you.

Team 7-Eleven changed pro cycling forever. Here’s my book review for the awesome Pave Blog.



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